Thu 8th Mar 16:30 – Kei Yamamoto

In this Thursday’s Journal Club, Xuan will start with a five to ten minute discussion of recent progress in N3LO Higgs production, based around 1802.00833.

Then for the main event, Kei Yamamoto (currently visiting from KMI, Nagoya University) will talk for 30 minutes on `Gluino-mediated electroweak penguin with flavor-violating trilinear couplings’ (1712.04959).

Thursday 8th Mar at 16:30 in K52 (the K floor coffee room) in building Y36.

Thu 1st Mar 16:30 – Franz Herzog (NIKHEF)

In this Thursday’s Journal Club, Franz Herzog (visiting from NIKHEF) will talk for 30 minutes on `Geometric subtraction for real radiation at NNLO’.

Before Franz’s talk, we will have a 10 mins short introduction and discussion about the recent interesting progress in the field. You are welcomed to bring any paper or just arXiv number from the last few weeks. The idea is to introduce interesting work that could either be a milestone progress, important conclusion that people outside the field may also want to know or just good materials/summaries for daily research. We hope this small session would extend the scope of weekly prepared talks. It could also help people from different fields quickly capture what is going on in each others areas.

Journal Club moving to UZH for Spring Semester 2018

Dear Journal Clubbers,

This semester, the particle physics journal club will be held on the Irchel campus, UZH.? It will be held on
Thursdays?at?16:30?in?K52?(the?K floor coffee room) in Y36 (the building where the particle physicists live).
The format will be 30 minutes of prepared presentation followed by 30+ minutes of discussion of recent papers, recent progress in own work, questions which have arisen in own work, etc.? Beer and chips will kindly be provided by the Gehrmann group.
The upcoming schedule is:
22 Feb – Ben Ruijl – The R*-operation for Feynman graphs with generic numerators -?1703.03776
1 Mar – Alexander Ochirov – Massive spinor helicity -?1709.04891
8 Mar – Kei Yamamoto – Gluino-mediated electroweak penguin with flavor-violating trilinear couplings -?1712.04959
15 Mar – Silvia Ferrario Ravasio – A Theoretical Study of Top-Mass Measurements at the LHC Using NLO+PS Generators of Increasing Accuracy – 1801.03944
See you all next Thursday,
Michael & Xuan

Thurs Jan 25, 2.30 PM, HIT E 41.1: Special Seminar by M. Hidding (Trinity College Dublin)

Dear all,

Next Thursday, Jan 25, we will have a special seminar by Martijn Hidding (Trinity College Dublin)
Direct integration of linearly reducible elliptic Feynman integrals

Abstract: The evaluation of Feynman diagrams becomes increasingly complicated as the number of loops and scales increase. At 2-loop and higher there are diagrams which are not expressible in terms of multiple polylogarithms, but which are relevant to e.g. precision perturbative QCD calculations. I will discuss linearly reducible elliptic Feynman integrals. These integrals can be algorithmically solved by direct integration of their Feynman parametric representation, in terms of generalizations of multiple polylogarithms. This will be illustrated by the computation of a few representative integrals up to a sufficient order in the dimensional regulator.

Upcoming papers for discussion

Dear all,

We had a few suggestions for discussions. Indicatively, this is a first draft of the schedule

  • Thurs, Jan 25, 2.30 PM in HIT E 41.1: Martijn Hidding (Trinity College Dublin), Direct integration of linearly reducible elliptic Feynman integrals
  • Thurs, Feb 1st, 2PM, HIT E 41.1:?Alex (Ochirov) will give an informal talk about his recent work on color-kinematic duality,?”Color-kinematic duality and amplitude relations

In the lineup are also Armin on the two papers of Claude,?Elliptic polylogarithms and iterated integrals on elliptic curves?(set up?and?application to the sunrise),?Ben, who will talk about his research, a discussion lead by Francesco on Henn,?Bootstrapping pentagon functions, and some BSM from the Uni people,?A three-site gauge model for flavor hierarchies and flavor anomalies.

Dec 1st: Alex Huss, ?NNLO QCD predictions for single jet inclusive production at the LHC”

Alex will review the recent paper by James Currie,?Nigel Glover and Joao Pires “NNLO QCD predictions for single jet inclusive production at the LHC“, where?the NNLO QCD corrections to inclusive-jet production at the LHC have been computed. He will give a brief intro and motivation to set the stage and try to sketch the strategy of the calculation up to a point so that everyone can understand the contributions that they have computed in the paper.

Here are the slides of the discussion, where we also talked about the sub-leading colour calculation in the gg channel by Aude, Nigel, James and Joao.

Nov 17: Javier Fuentes, “Lepton Flavor Non-Universality in B decays from Dynamical Yukawas”

Javier will talk about his recent paper?Lepton Flavor Non-Universality in B decays from Dynamical Yukawas (with Andrea Crivellin, Admir and Gino).
It is about the possible connection between the b->s ell ell anomalies and the hypothesis of dynamical Yukawa couplings, which assumes that the SM Yukawas arise from the vev of scalar flavon fields.

Warm-up readings could be:

  • For the status on the experimental anomalies:
    Global analysis of b\to s\ell\ell anomalies
    S?bastien Descotes-Genon, Lars Hofer, Joaquim Matias, Javier Virto. Oct 14, 2015
    Published in JHEP 1606 (2016) 092, arXiv:1510.04239
  • For the hypothesis of dynamical Yukawas, where the theoretical framework for our paper is presented:
    Neutrino Mixing and Masses from a Minimum Principle
    R. Alonso, M.B. Gavela, G. Isidori, L. Maiani. Jun 25, 2013
    Published in JHEP 1311 (2013) 187, arXiv:1306.5927
Here is the talk from Javier