Preliminary Schedule

Spring Semester 2018

Date Speaker Topic arXiv
22 Feb Ben Ruijl The R*-operation for Feynman graphs with generic numerators 1703.03776
1 Mar Franz Herzog Geometric subtraction for real radiation at NNLO
8 Mar Kei Yamamoto Gluino-mediated electroweak penguin with flavor-violating trilinear couplings 1712.04959
15 Mar Silvia Ferrario Ravasio A Theoretical Study of Top-Mass Measurements at the LHC Using
NLO+PS Generators of Increasing Accuracy
22 Mar No JC Due to Dominik Kara’s PhD defence
29 Mar Claudia Cornella A three-site gauge model for flavor hierarchies and flavor anomalies 1712.01368
5 Apr Easter Break
12 Apr Cancelled
19 Apr Armin Schweitzer Elliptic polylogarithms and iterated integrals on elliptic curves (set up and application to the sunrise) 1712.07095
26 Apr Sokratis Trifinopoulos R_D^(?) anomaly: A possible hint for natural supersymmetry with R-parity violation 1704.06659
3 May Javier Mazzitelli Higgs boson pair production at NNLO with top quark mass effects 1803.02463
10 May Holiday
17 May Alexander Ochirov Massive spinor helicity 1709.04891
24 May Julian Garcia Pardinas and Yuta Takahashi LHCb and CMS update
31 May Alexander Karlberg and Alberto Zucchetta MiNLO and matching to NNLO, and CMS update