Dec 1st: Alex Huss, “NNLO QCD predictions for single jet inclusive production at the LHC”

Alex will review the recent paper by James Currie, Nigel Glover and Joao Pires “NNLO QCD predictions for single jet inclusive production at the LHC“, where the NNLO QCD corrections to inclusive-jet production at the LHC have been computed. He will give a brief intro and motivation to set the stage and try to sketch the strategy of the calculation up to a point so that everyone can understand the contributions that they have computed in the paper.

Here are the slides of the discussion, where we also talked about the sub-leading colour calculation in the gg channel by Aude, Nigel, James and Joao.

Nov 17: Javier Fuentes, “Lepton Flavor Non-Universality in B decays from Dynamical Yukawas”

Javier will talk about his recent paper Lepton Flavor Non-Universality in B decays from Dynamical Yukawas (with Andrea Crivellin, Admir and Gino).
It is about the possible connection between the b->s ell ell anomalies and the hypothesis of dynamical Yukawa couplings, which assumes that the SM Yukawas arise from the vev of scalar flavon fields.

Warm-up readings could be:

  • For the status on the experimental anomalies:
    Global analysis of b\to s\ell\ell anomalies
    Sébastien Descotes-Genon, Lars Hofer, Joaquim Matias, Javier Virto. Oct 14, 2015
    Published in JHEP 1606 (2016) 092, arXiv:1510.04239
  • For the hypothesis of dynamical Yukawas, where the theoretical framework for our paper is presented:
    Neutrino Mixing and Masses from a Minimum Principle
    R. Alonso, M.B. Gavela, G. Isidori, L. Maiani. Jun 25, 2013
    Published in JHEP 1311 (2013) 187, arXiv:1306.5927
Here is the talk from Javier

Thu Nov 3: Rhorry, “Determining the gluon PDF from heavy quark production”

Rhorry will introduce his work on this topic:

I will discuss recent work on determining the small-x gluon PDF using
measurements of forward heavy-quark production. There are interesting
implications for future high energy colliders, cosmic-ray physics and
neutrino astronomy, which will also be discussed.

And here‘s the paper, fresh from the press


Thu 6/10, Marius on “The Higgs boson at high pT”

Tomorrow, Thursday Oct 6, Marius will go through the work by C. Williams and his student T. Neumann on finite top-mass effects at NLO in gg -> H+j.
They take various improvements over the pure mH/mt expansion. If I remember correctly, they conclude that their result is good enough for LHC energies, and one doesn’t need the exact top-mass dependence. If you’re somewhat an expert on the topic, your feedback will be welcome.

It would be nice if the new postdocs and PhD students could come and say hi. Just the general “first day of school” introduction..
Since all the seminar slots for this semester are taken, I would then suggest to use the following JCs to let them talk about what they do. As usual, one can choose the style that (s)he prefers: blackboard, slides, scrolling through papers.. To allow time for discussion, a ~35 minutes presentation, plus maybe some backup material, should be enough.

As a reminder, the JC will take place in HIT E41.1 from 16.30.